It’s post holiday season AND we are nearing the end of another sizzling Sydney Summer.

The perfect combination for a hair hangover.

If you coloured, tonged, teased, and sprayed your way through the silly season, all while hitting the beach, lakes, pools and spas then now is the time to give your mane a little lovin.

Here are five tips to get your locks in line this season.


Our hair grows twice as fast in Summer. Neglecting to trim, combined with all our holiday party styling can leave us looking a little Garth from Wayne’s World.


Give your hair a good trim to prevent those brittle, dry, split ends.

Looking for a change? Our Loop Salon experts can suggest on-trend cuts and styles specifically for your hair type and face shape. Leap into 2018 with an adventurous spirit and find the perfect cut for you!


Moisture barren locks are common in our beach loving culture.

Sun damage combined with the dehydrating effects of salty/chlorine filled water can do a number on our already strained locks. Especially if we have chemically processed or coloured hair. Invest in a good treatment and you will be rewarded.

Dry Shampoo

A saviour for the over-washers. We see you. We shouldn’t wash our hair everyday. Doing this can strip out our natural essential oils making it prone to damage. It’s tough in summer though. Humidity and sweat can make our hair limp, flat and oily … on the daily!

Find a dry Shampoo that works for you and put it to work. We can suggest Death Valley from R and Co. Enriched with Rice Protein, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 it absorbs excess oil while moisturising and strengthening the hair. It smells amazing and is our pick at Loop Hair Salon.

Death Valley R+Co.png

Turn down the heat

Instead of heat styling through summer why not try alternative or gentle styling methods.

Our Aussie lifestyle lends to beachy waves and tousled styles that are a cinch to pull of, especially during the warmer months. Sea salt sprays are great for mid to long locks. For shorter styles, the ultra sleek and sexy “wet look” is still trending this season. There are loads of enriched products that provide natural texture and movement on the market. Our Loop Hair Salon staff can advise of suitable products for your style and hair type.


If turning down the heat is literally, Not. Going. To. Happen. (we understand) make it a priority to use protection. In conjunction with a quality Shampoo, Conditioner, regular treatments and trims your hair will be in tip top condition to heat style your heart out!

We love ONE prep spray from R and CO. It has serious super powers for seriously styled hair. If you use heat & product to style most days, this will act as a base primer, evening out the porosity of your hair so products adhere evenly.

ONE also detangles, moisturises and provides heat protection. A great all rounder!


One Prep R+Co.png

If your hair needs a little midsummer lift, book now for a professional consultation with our experienced stylists at Loop Hair Salon.

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